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Chaos Nyte asked 3 years ago

dear all,

recently, my best friend told me she had been accused of allegedly creating an account impostering as another woman by posting that another woman's pictures in a dating website looking for one night stands. My friend is very concerned how this accusation came about. As for me I want to know the truth while I help her.

is it possible for the dating website admin to trace the ip address that registered for the account?

Is it possible to pinpoint her as the one who did it if she had used a router when the router could be used by more than a person in the family?

she had lost her laptop recently in a train prior to knowing this accusation, is there a way to incriminated her now that there's no laptop to trace to?

Thanks all in advance for yr time and advise

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Confused.

It's really hard to pinpoint to an exact person without the cooperation of your friends ISP (the one who assigns her IP address).

If you were to get the IP from the dating site admin, that would most likely be traceable only to the correct city....and not a mailing address, laptop, router, etc. Now, if the police get involved it is possible for them to subpoena the ISP and if the ISP keeps their log files long enough, they can go back to the day of the sign up and determine which account that IP was assigned. So if the ISP says the IP was assigned to Jane Doe, 123 Any Street, and Jane has a router that anyone can connect to and surf the web, or multiple users on the router, then some computer forensics would be needed in order to determine the exact culprit......and if they've 'cleaned' the computer that was used for this activity then there may be no way to confirm 'who dunnit'.

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