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150588 asked 3 years ago

this is a bit of a strange questions, but here goes.

My friend committed suicide the other week and i wanted to see if i could find out why, by checking his facebook.I really was thinking at the time and from my computer went on to facebook and clicked 'forgotten password' with his email.an email then would of been sent to his hotmail, with a link to reset his password.as soon as i clicked 'forgotten password' i realised that i didn't know any of his other passwords and it just felt wrong for me to look at his facebook.
His parents have now sent his computer off so it can be hacked into to see if they can find out why.I haven't told anyone what i did and i don't want anyone to know, but when they get into his hotmail account will they be able to trace the request password email back to me? if they will then i'll just tell them, but i feel like i'm in the wrong.its not the police they have sent the computer too.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I don't think this is anything for you to worry about.

Facebook might record the IP at which the forgotten password was requested from and include that in the email sent to the account on file.

Having had a family member commit suicide in my past, I know it's only natural for parents/relatives/friends to want to pry in to the deceased persons life to find a reason as to why. Especially when no note is left. If you were to find something, anything, that only helps everyone cope and get some sort of closure. Since the parents have sent the computer off, I'm sure they would appreciate your concerns and investigative efforts.

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