facebook drama

issyfoxx asked 3 years ago

How would one go about finding out who created a facebook profile? A friend of mine's little brother has a problem. Someone created a new facebook profile with his name on it backwards (Smith John, instead of John Smith) and posted naked pictures on it, that are very similar to him. And then sent friend requests to his family and friends.
We've sent for facebook to remove the profile, but facebook is slow responding. So, is there a way to trace it back to who created it?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Unfortunately, all that data is only stored on facebook servers. So there's no real way to tell. If you get the cops involved, perhaps they can subpoena the records. Is your friend younger than 18? That would be a flag for facebook to respond sooner rather than later. Plus if they're underage, it should motivate law enforcement to act quickly.

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