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BENY hs asked 3 years ago

hey there, i am quite new at this whole thing...but reading through your posts i have learned a lot and tested things out. this is my situation, my gf's facebook was recently "hacked" probably jus figured out her password and they changed the email account to a new one they created similar to her address....

the problem is that their defaming her by making her to look like some kind of cheap (plz excuse my language) whore...and its quite upsetting....so ive learned how to find the ip address in hotmail emails. But i was wondering if it was possible to find it on Facebook as well? whether its a wall post or an email?

and i dont want to put anyone in the position to break the law...but if anyone could help me out in cracking that hotmail password id appreciate it even pay you lol no lie.....if not thats perfectly fine!

also, i have spoken to facebook staff and their brilliant answer was "you can delete her from your friend list"....completely avoided the question lol.

Thanks for the help!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Well, I doubt Facebook will share their log files with you and show you what the IP is that is coming to her page.  😕

If she is still the owner of the original e-mail that was used to create the account or the e-mail prior to the new one, perhaps Facebook will change her e-mail for her or cancel her account altogether.

I also doubt there is any way for the public to see the persons IP when they post on someone else's wall.

If you can get their IP address from the hotmail, there's a chance you can contact her ISP and give them the IP and the time the e-mail was sent so they'll know who had the IP at the time. They probably won't give you any information since you're not the cops, but they may take it upon themselves to send a "notice" to the culprit that they've received complaints about them. An ISP can kick you off of their network if you're using it for malicious reasons. How often does that happen....it's probably pretty rare.

If her password was hacked, I'd almost bet it's someone who knows her. Did she login to her Facebook from someone else's computer where her password may have been saved? Or with someone standing behind her where they were watching?

If Facebook won't cooperate, it would be easier to create a new account with a strong password and then just tell all of her friends to delete the old one from their friends list.

I understand your frustration, but we don't want to talk about hacking hotmail accounts on this site. 😀


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