Extending wireless range

mikec1 asked 3 years ago

I have Verizon DSL using an ISP-provided Westell 327W modem/router. The main problem is the range of the wireless signal. A couple of rooms away from the router, I'm unable to get a consistently strong signal to remain connected with my laptop. Would welcome suggestions for boosting the signal strength/extending the range.

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago


I've also struggled with this at home. I discovered that asking my wife to sit beside the PC upstairs was very effective 🙂 Seriously, changing the channel number was very effective. Also consider if you can move the equipment a little. A small move can make a significant change.

I also considered using an external antenna for both the router and the PC with the 'dull' connection. Fry's (the local computer store) sell signal boosters. However in the end, I opted for a long ethernet cable and when I want to be certain of the connection, I use the cable (although I don't like that as the cable is lying on the floor).

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