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wimiadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

I want to extend a wifi range.

Right now the router is a WRT54GS. I tried installing a WRE54G, and hours later found out that the WRT54GS doesn't support WDS so these 2 devices are incompatible. I tried firmware, etc. and nothing.

So, should I get a WRT54GL and use the WRE54G with that router, or an entirely different setup?

I just need to extend the range by about 50 feet or so. 100 feet would be nice, but is not necessary. Relocating the WRT54GS would be nice, but is really not an option. I also will not be able to run a cable between the 2 devices.

Any suggestions?

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

I would suggest the Linksys 7dBi or 9dBi antennas and the DD-WRT firmware for the router. This would give you more then 50 additional feet in range with the added power setting in the firmware without adding an additional device.

I don't remember the exact numbers but the stock Linksys runs at something like 35mw and the DD-WRT firmware allows you to boost that to something like 150mw though that's not always advisable due to shortening the life of the router. I run my WRT54GL at 100mw and it has done fine for a couple of years now.

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