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dn1000 asked 3 years ago

We just had ethernet installed in our new office and received static IPs. I know to enter these IPs in the Local Area Connections. I just dont know what IPs to use where to get internet access.

This is what they gave us:
Customer LAN Block:
Customer Gateway:
Useable Range:
Customer Subnet Mask:
WAN Block:
WAN Subnet Mask:
Network Side:
Customer Side:

Thank you for any help!

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question dn1000.

It sounds like you have a commercial connection of some kind. Possibly Cable, DSL, FiOS or T1.

The setup for these differ but the ISP should have setup the modem in the building. At most, you would need to add a Router and/or a network Switch depending on what the ISP installed.

You would need to provide us more information on the type of internet connection you have and exactly what hardware the ISP installed.

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