eth0 IP address

JoeBazin asked 4 years ago

I am using VirtualBox and my IP Address for eth0 is listed as It is different from my real IP Address of Is it supposed to be the same? If so, how can resolve this?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question JoeBazin.

This is a fairly common question.

The IP you see on our home page is your External IP, the one you get from your ISP that identifies you to them.

The is an Internal IP. The entire 10. subnet is reserved for Internal networks so there are not conflicts or issues in determining what is an Internal or External request. For example, a company may have a database server on that is accessed by many employees at the same time. If that address also existed on the Internet your computer wouldn't know which one to go to.

The addresses that are reserved for internal use are as follows. - - -

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