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Michelle_Griffin asked 3 years ago

Hi all! I hope someone can help. I'm trying to trace an email and I'm so confused. The email addy seems to be owned by someone in Atlanta, a header trace took me to Denver and an IP trace to Wichita??? I'm pasting the header here and hoping someone can tell me where it came from and what I need to look for in the headers to figure it out on my own next time. Thanks in advance!

X-Originating-IP: [IP Address Removed]

Thanks everyone!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Michelle,

Headers contain sensitive information so I've removed everything but the line that's the most important. In that line I've removed the IP Address because we don't want to publicly display that information.

With that said, the IP in the X-Originating line does show as coming from Denver, Colorado. This could be somewhat accurate but may not be 100%. If the headquarters of the ISP is in Denver and the customer getting the IP is in Colorado Springs, you can see where Denver is somewhat correct.

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