Email or ip address blocked???

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RICKOJC asked 3 years ago

Hi there - nightmare - nightmare...

MY IP address is not on the majority of blocked lists. In fact only one spamcannibal. However a LOT of my e-Mails do not get thru. I recently was approved by my ISP for mass e-Mailings for a news letter but before I got that (or even knew I needed it) I tried to send thousands of e-Mails which were all returned. I can now only assume that my actual e-Mail address is blacklisted. Is my thinking correct and what can I do about it??? I can send e-Mails from the same PC from another account/e-Mail address hence the reason I don't think it an IP issue.

Thanks - Rick.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

What sort of mass emails are these?

If they're legit newsletter types then the email needs to come from and not something like @gmail.

It will also help if the spf record of the mail server matches the domain name as well as the IP Lookup info. If those things are out of your control perhaps you can sign up for an enterprise type account where all of those things do line up.

If the mails are bouncing before they ever make it to your users then it won't help for them to add you to the "allow" list since the mail server is rejecting it before they see it.

I hope these tips help. Let me know if you've got other questions.

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