easy way to change IP ?

misterdean asked 3 years ago

my modem is sbg6580. i tried unplugging my modem every night for a week. that did not work. i did some google searches and heard you can change your IP by plugging the modem in to another computer, let it assign a new IP to that computer, then plugging it back in to your main computer for a new IP. i was gonna buy a cheap laptop for this but figured there must be an easier way so i kept looking on google. i found a post about spoofing the MAC address. i logged in my router and tried to spoof the address by using the same address but changing one letter. that did not work. i found another post about disabling NAPT. that worked. i figured now that the router was disabled i can just unplug the modem over night to change the IP. that still does not work. i tried resetting the router and disabling NAPT again. that did not work either. can somebody please tell me the easiest way i can force a new IP whenever i want one. if i can do it with this modem that would be nice but if there is an easier way with another modem i will buy it. i'm so tired of messing around with it and "hoping" the IP will change.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Your ISP appears to be Comcast.

Are you using the Router that is built in to the Modem or do you use a separate Router??

I strongly recommend using a separate Router for personal security.

To get a new IP Address, you need to change the first device connected to the Ethernet port of the Cable Modem of change the MAC address of that device. That would usually be a Router.

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