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LoneWolfK9 asked 4 years ago

She say's her name is Sarah , Age 27 yrs She claims to reside in Accra,Ghana.I need to know if name and residence are correct.We have gotten too know each other over internet,and sharing pictures and texting each other for last three months,everyday.I never seen her in person are over webcam,only in pictures and telephone call's and internet,and texting over IPhone.I need to know if this is her real name and residence.If you cannot help,can you direct me to a similar site like this one,where I can learn how and what tools I can use to find this information on my own. Thanks Sincerely Steve Matte. I hope you can get me the answers I need,I pray she is for real.I want to start a life with her.Sorry if I messed up on here.I do not know what you mean by header,threads etc......

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Please don't post email addresses in your posts.

The header is the "source information" for the email. It can usually be viewed through whatever email client or site you are using. They are all different so we would need to know what you are using to offer specific help.

As far as discovering her true identity or location, that's not likely through email.

MoonPoint answered 4 years ago

If you have pictures, you can use TinEye Reverse Image Search to determine if those pictures are posted elsewhere online. To use the service, you upload a picture or provide a URL where the image can be found online. If the image is posted somewhere online, TinEye will show you the online locations where it can be found. If you visit those web pages and find that the images appear online associated with another name and location, that might be cause for suspecting the validity of the information you have been given. E.g., you might be able to determine if the person is just using a stock photo or a photo of someone else he or she found online. Hopefully, that is not the case and the information you have been provided is true. Such a search won't verify the information is true, but is one means of discovering deception in such cases.

If you have photos, another technique you can use is to look for geotagging information in the photos. Many people don't realize that cameras and smartphones often add location information, i.e., the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location where the photo was taken to the image file. Someone viewing the photo won't see that information unless he or she looks at the exchangeable image file format (EXIF) information, but, if that information has been stored in the image by the camera/smartphone, it is easy to view it. E.g., see How do you find the GPS coordinates of your photos? or How to Determine Where a Picture was Taken for an explanation of how to view such information in photos. Or you can simply upload a photo or provide a URL for where it can be located online at View and Remove EXIF Online. As an example, click here to see the latitude and longitude for a JPG image that has GPS latitude and longitude information, revealing the location where the photo was taken, stored within it. If the information isn't stored within the photo, the site will tell you "There is no GPS info."

Another site you can use to upload photos or provide a URL to determine the location where the photo was taken is Jeffrey's Exif viewer. Here is the information from the same example photo for that site. The site even shows the location corresponding to the GPS latitude and longitude on Google Maps. If that information isn't present in the image, you won't see any GPS information listed for the image. For the photo in my example, in the "Basic Image Information" section of the results page, you will see, in addition to the longitude and latitude values, "Location guessed from coordinates: Bishop, USA".

You can also use the Convert Lat Long to Address Show on Map site to determine locations and to view maps for particular locations given the latitude and longitude for those locations.

It is possible that none of the photos you have been provided have EXIF data stored within them revealing the location where they were taken or some could have been taken while the person was on travel, so might not have been taken in Ghana, but that is another method you could employ to try to corroborate the information you have been given.

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