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ConeMika asked 3 years ago


Well my problem is that to log in to some game server, i need to have static IP, but i have dynamic... So i go to http://www.no-ip.com and make my account there and stuff, tell the admin on that game server i want to play about the IP and he allows me to play and so on... But the problem comes when i reseted my modem, my IP changed, and well since this point i can't log onto the server... Server is up and running and i am sure about that but i can't log on... Any ideas why this happened?

When i created my hostname, i am sure i did it right (followed the guide), the only thing i didn't do was set up some router stuff, but since i was able to log onto the server once router isn't the problem, so why shouldn't i be able to log onto it the second time...?

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

So, I guess the admin of the server is whitelisting IPs (only allowing specific IPs).

what no-ip does is allow someone from the outside to always get your IP using a specific domain name... but it doesn't work the other way around

when you access a server, it is still your IP that shows up in the log (just as it shows up on https://www.whatismyip.com/)

think of it as caller ID... if you had a second phone number redirect to your main number, it is still your main number that would show up on caller ID (not sure if that metaphor will catch, but I hope you get the idea)

simple fact is, if he is filtering by IP, there is no easy solution. You can try to set your IP static in your modem/router settings, but you risk getting on your ISP's bad side

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