DVR port forwading problem

casualbeta asked 3 years ago

Hi folks,

I have a bit of trouble regarding with my DVR.

This problem happend after I had just my DSL connection back on (the phone broke), I am using a TP-Link router that connected to a another TP-Link Modem-router. The Router (1st device) is set to "2.1"(refering to the last 2 sets of number on LAN address) and the DVR is set with the same submask number after that I port-foward the DVR to my Router and set-up the Dyndns log-in in my router after that I tried to do a remote access and nothing happened.

Have I missed something? Or mess up on something?

If you need any other info about this problem then please post your question here and I'll see if can find the answer to your problem.

Any help will be great, thank you forum.


1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question casualbeta.

You said "after that I port-foward the DVR to my Router", You would port forward from your router to your DVR.

It also seems that you have two routers in line. If you access the unit that is the router only, does it show your external IP on the WAN interface or does it show another 192.168.?.? address? You may need to forward the same port in the modem/router to the WAN address of the second router or make sure the modem/router has the router and DHCP server disabled.

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