Double encoded UTF-8 display problem?

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Alexander Eykelhof asked 2 years ago

We occasionally use WhatismyIP to verify IP addresses for troubleshooting with out proxy. in the last couple of weeks however (not sure exactly when it started) the page fills with illegible content. It looks like UTF-8 characters that have been encoded or re-encoded. Sample below:
�fE�HM�!�:|��OM��hf��}dlZ� x��M:�=e+���@D!&.��3۴[t�ڦ�_u���WS��K���)�t ��wν�=���A��;�]%r��UH���>�h�J!u�c(JWM�E����UQ���2��ޚ�V�@�l��/C��x��t��
This only happens when you go through the proxy. Can you advise on what may have caused this and what we can do to correct it?
Thanks in advance,

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Very odd. Are you still able to see your IP address and the information you need or is all info scrambled? Is this tied to one particular browser or any browser being used?



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