Does my IP show in statistics of a web if only there for a sec?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: IP QuestionsDoes my IP show in statistics of a web if only there for a sec?
Sandra777 asked 3 years ago

By mistake I clicked on a website page, instead of its facebook page as it was my intention. Now I wonder if my IP is gonna show on the statistics of that web even if I was only for a second and then straight away I went backwords. I actually didn't even get to see the actual page, obviously I didn't click anywhere so I'm not sure if my IP will show on its statistics or not. I checked in history and it shows this page as if I had visited it. Anyone can help? 😕  Thanks in advance.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Sandra777.

When you visit virtually any web page, your IP and a few other details about your browser are collected and stored in the webserver log file. The logs are typically rotated out every 5 weeks. If the site was a forum or some type of online sales site, they may keep the info longer. Many forum software programs also keep records of their own that are kept much longer.

If you visited the site from a Facebook page, Facebook will also have record of the visit.

I wouldn't get too alarmed about it. Everyone including governments know that many people are tricked into visiting many websites.

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