do not show proxy name

jamesaiyer asked 3 years ago

Hi Guys,

When I goto "whatismyip" site, it detects my public ip along with my internal Proxy server name.

is there any way can we hide the proxy name getting displayed? I dont want to proxy name to be displayed.

I consider this as a security vulnerability as I don't want my BaseLan users to know the name of the proxy server.

Please suggest.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi James,

Displaying the proxy is actually a help vs. a hindrance for the majority of our users. Most will try to "change their IP" via a proxy....come to our site and either see the proxy detected or not. If the proxy isn't detected, chances are, they've "changed their IP".

Unfortunately because most find this useful, we want to leave this in place.

Do you feel if your users know the name of your proxy that they'll try to hack that machine? Or try to find ways to bypass the proxy? You should have measures in place that don't allow for either....IMO.

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