Do I need to port foward

whansen02 asked 4 years ago

Now do I need port forwarding to set up a system with 6 wirless access points of the main wired? I'm in the planning stages of a system & new at this type of set-up as well (I almost feel blind).
Also, since this is something I'm going to go forward with, would you suggest some ccna certification training? I've been talking to people & have been told this would be benificial to creating my overall understanding of the networking systems.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

If I'm understanding you correctly, you will not need to do any port forwarding to get your PCs linked to the access points.

Because the central router is the main "hub" of the network and all wireless access points will be connected to it via hardwire, all access points will be considered internal on the network as well as any computer connected to each access point.

If you have a particular computer on the inside network that you would like to be able to access from the outside (remote location), you would need to port forward 3389 to the internal computers IP.

As for the CCNA, that's really specific to Cisco. If you're just looking for general networking knowledge, this forum could be big help and it's free. 😀

There's several folks on here that are quite capable of answering questions. My Cisco knowledge is limited to PIX and very basic stuff. If you need Cisco specific answers, there are others here that may have that knowledge.

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