Different IP in 2 computers with same router

Ascensión Fernandez asked 2 years ago

I got a dinamic IP address. I have 2 computers linked to same router at home. I need 2 differents IP for each computer. 
If I turn off router and then on again, and then change to the other pc , Will it shown a  different IP address than the other one ?

Is possible to get 2 different IP address in 2 computers links to same router ? ( They will not be used at same time)


1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Is possible to get 2 different IP address in 2 computers links to same router? Yes, if the router is a business class and your ISP has assigned you a block of IP address. However, I feel like that's not the case here. The short answer is no. However, if you do as you suggest by rebooting the router and then turning on the second PC in hopes to get a new IP address, that will all depend on your ISP and how they assign IP addresses. If you reboot your router and go to the second PC and then to our site and it shows a different IP, your method worked. An alternative solution would be to get a second router. One router connected while using PC one, then router two connected while using PC two. That's not a guarantee though so you'll need to come to our site to confirm your IP. Even if your IP does change, my guess is, it won't change by much. Example, IP 1 might be while IP two might be This will all depend on your ISP.

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