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Mokita asked 3 years ago

Why different IP location services show different IP addresses? For example, https://www.whatismyip.com/ serivce shows one IP address and [link removed] another service shows a totaly different address. I am using Hotspot Shield VPN but the tests are made at the same time and the VPN is not restarted between the tests.

Also, some IP location service show the same IP address but the geo-location is different. One service might show California and the other some location in europe. Both for the same IP address.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Good question Mokita,

We show whatever the originating IP our code detects. Some VPNs only 'forward' your IP address through another. If we see this 'foward' then we show that IP as well. If you go to our homepage while connected to the VPN we may show the message 'Possible Proxy Detected' along with the IP.

Not all sites decode IP addresses like we do. Of course, we can't detect all IPs correctly, but we do our best.

As for the geo location services, we use two different upstream providers. We only pull data from their databases. I'm not sure where they get their data from so this is why we show two results on our IP Address Lookup page.

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