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northgoose asked 3 years ago

Hello, I have a small network of 5-6 machines, win2003 file server and naked dsl speedstream router. I recently had to change ISP, unfortunately they don't have good technical support. I currently have internet but the clients leases are not being automatically renewed. I am aware that DHCP is down but can't get it working. I can rectify the client ips by rebooting the router every 3 days or so.
My old TCP binding on the server was IP
Default Gateway
The new ISP has given me these details but I am not sure how to proceed.
Subnet I'm really curious about the 29
IPs thru 71

Any help in implementing would be appreciated.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Easy stuff first... The /29 is basically saying you have 8 IPs.

The is the gateway/primary IP for the other IPs that are assigned to you. The remaining 7 are assignable to devices.

I'm guessing your router is If I were you, I'd assign a static internal IP of to the Win2k3 server and make it your DHCP server. It will allow you WAY more options in assigning IPs to the client computers.

If this is an option, let me know and I can provide further information for you.

northgoose answered 3 years ago

All my machines are working well. However, although the ip supplied by the isp is, what is my ip is showing ip of but sometimes revert back to 64.235 etc.
DHCP on the router has been disabled and DHCP on the win 2k3 has a green light and the scope is to
The people at the 3rd party server who host our websites are not happy with this arrangement.
Thank You

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