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wxmgeordie asked 4 years ago

Hi People
I've bought a DBPower Wireless IP camera which arrived Saturday. Unfortunately i have tried to work on it day and night to get it to work but no joy.
I have assigned and port forwarded my sky router ports to 81-85 for this camera both inbound and outbound and i have also signed up to no-ip.com and have a ddns.net account, however no joy on any of them.
When I look at the attached devices through my sky hub i see the camera attached however this wont connect using the web page. sometimes it asks for a username and password which i have tried what i believe is the default of username: admin password: no password i have also tried admin 123456 but no joy. In the P2P ID Finder.exe the cam is found then disappears again after a short time. When i click on the software and click to open the said found camera nothing happens

I know this is quite a lengthy request but any help would be appreciated. Im at my final stages of throwing it through the window 🙂

Kind Regards

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Lets start with the simplest thing first. Can you connect reliably to the camera at it's Internal IP Address on port 81???

The Address you reported was

If you have not made any changes, the Username should be admin and there should be no password.

Get that working reliably before moving to ddns services and port forwarding.

If you are unable to get that working reliably, do a reset on the camera. That's the button on cord that comes out of the camera.

When you forward the port, you only need to forward port 81, not 81-85.

If you are using a ddns service, you may want to change the port in the camera to port 80 and make the change to the port forward as well.

Also, be advised that the DB Power camera is a P2P camera and as such will be connecting to various servers all over the world without you knowledge or consent. Through these servers many other people will be trying to access your camera. I am talking about hundreds of attempts per day. You must change the user account name and create a secure password or much of the world will be viewing your camera.

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