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PecanStreet asked 4 years ago

Everything in the setup went smooth except for the fact when I try to set the "Local record Path" it lets me select a file but when I hit submit it blanks everything back to the default. The camera is linked wirelessly and I reset the password. My laptop is also connected to a NetGear router wirelessly. Is that the problem? Do I have to have a hard drive connected to my router to record?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question PecanStreet.

I can tell you from personal experience that the DB Power cameras in general are very poorly configured. I have had little luck getting settings to stay the way I set them.

Also be aware that if this is a P2P camera from DB Power, it is registering itself on servers on the Internet that will attract many people trying to view your camera. Even with a good password, there are some that will get through and view your camera feed. If your Router has the ability to log inbound and outbound traffic, turn it on and watch what happens with the Camera IP. If it's P2P, you will be amazed at how much Internet traffic it generates.

Are you trying to record to the Router or to a computer that is connected to the router?

There is a free to use software that you can use to record video from IP Cameras. It is called ContaCam. It works fairly well and seems to allow as many cameras as you want. If you set the resolution and framerate low enough, you can record many hours of video on a 40gig HardDrive. This software would eliminate the need to use the settings in the camera for recording.

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