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Taz786 asked 3 years ago

I have bought 2 db power wireless ip cams. I have set them up but I can only view them in my home network. I have tried going to - 003bdme.db-power.com but says it's off line. I have tried going to but this only works from my home network. Also struggling with email alerts but need to sort external viewing first. I did try to add both cameras to the same system(Ipc monitor) but it wouldn't let me add both camera saying same address so I changed one to end 178:888 and the other 179:888.
Any help very much appreciated. I have tried and tried with no luck.


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Taz786.

The :888 on the end of the IP address reflects the port the webserver is listening on in the camera. You were correct in changing the last octet of the IP to separate the cameras on the network.

If you want to view both cameras over the internet, you will either need software that can connect to both cameras and has a webserver built in to it such as Tim Hills H264 Software. It has a free version and a few paid versions. The free version will handle 4 cameras and do the web serving but will not record the video. The paid versions will do most anything you want.

Or, you can give both cameras a separate port number and forward the respective ports through your router to the appropriate computer. You would then be able to view each camera, one at a time or in separate browser instances from the Internet.

If you need help with port forwarding, we would need to know the make and model of the router you are using. The manual for the router should also be able to guide you and is probably available online.

I would also change the port numbers you use to something other then 888 because you have made that port know on our site. I would also avoid using ports, 80, 8080 and 8090 because they are commonly used for cameras and WILL be probed and probably accessed without you permission. If you are intending your cameras to be public, port 80 would be a common choice.

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