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marcats asked 3 years ago

DB Power camera does not move when powered up. Light comes on briefly. Reset several times, no go.

I would appreciate any help.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question marcats.

What do you mean by "DB Power camera does not move when powered up." Is it supposed to move?? Is it a Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera??

Do the IR lights come on at all when you first power it up? If not, check the power supply output.

I have experienced a DB Power camera in the past and have to say that the quality was seriously lacking and the privacy was non-exsistant. The camera was constantly checking in with IP's in China for who knows what. DB Power tech support was really bad. They couldn't even get me a live link to an upgraded firmware. I finally found the manufacturer site and got a generic firmware but it was still going to the IP's in China so I firewalled the camera to only be able to reach my DVR IP and nothing else.

rodcrux answered 3 years ago


Got hold of 2 of these (Series B) cameras recently. Tried for hours - searched the web for help - in fact every which way to get them working but without success.

Just about to give up and bin them when I was lucky enough to hit upon the solution!

Here is what to do.

Power on the camera and push down the reset button in the little hole on the underside of the camera for about 30 secs. this will set the camera back to default (factory) values.

Connect the camera using a network cable to your PC.

In your PC web browser go to - this is the default address for the camera.

NB I had to change the network settings on my PC to match the same subnet as the camera default - my PC was on but the camera defaults to - though you can change this once you get access to the web interface.

The default username is admin and the default password is 123456.

Once you get into the web interface you will be able to set all the other settings like wireless settings, users, security etc.

Now I've got them set up and working reliably I am very happy with these cameras. They can be controlled remotely from the WWW too!

Hope this works for you too - let me know if you need further help

Regards, Rod

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