D link router wont pick up internet

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luke93 asked 4 years ago

Hey everybody, im new to the forum, and ill most likely have a lot of new questions.

so here is my question:
I am trying to connect a d link router to a wireless internet modem, but for some reason it is'nt picking up on the internet signal ( the indicator that turns green when the router is connected to a working modem is red ). I cannot restart the modem or anything because it is on our roof, all we have is the Ethernet cord running through a hole in the wall. but when my next door neighbor brought his router over (linksy's i think), he plugged in the Ethernet cord to his router and it picked up the internet right away. so why wouldn't my router pick it up? thank you in advance.


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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

modem on roof? is it wireless Internet?

how do you normally get online? do you just plug your PC into that ethernet cable going to your roof? if so, what IP is assigned to your pc? does the IP assigned to your PC match what you get on whatismyip.om or is it something like 192.168.x.x?

please give as much info as possible

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