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doubledave asked 3 years ago

My D-Link Gamerlounge DGL-4300 that was working so well for the past 2 years seems to have died. 🙁
Nobody was doing anything to it at the time, it was just busy with torrents for several hours then, I come home and see that there is no more internet connection. I power-reset the router, and it no longer provides IP addresses, so it is useless. I haven't yet tried holding the reset button for 30 seconds for a factory reset, but if that doesn't work, I'll get another router.
I was looking into the DGL-4500, looks like people have problems with it resetting itself under high load, recent firmware may not have a fix for that problem. Does anyone have any experiences with this router or have another recommendation for me?
doubledave. 😎

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago


I don't know that device. However there's often a reset button for which you'll need a paper clip. It's recessed in a small circular aperture and you'll need a paper clip (or a Pentel pencil) to reset the device. If that doesn't do it, try giving it a good night's sleep with no power so it really cools down. Then try the reset again.

If it's still not working, and no other readers have been able to help you solve this, it's probably a trip to Fry's - or whatever your local computer store's called.

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