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Smruti Ranjan Pathal asked 3 years ago

Dear Whatismyip,
Recently I attacked by credit card fraudsters, they stolen my details and made a purchase of 26000 Indian rupees, they purchased something from a Indian ecommerce site.
And my question is if somehow I get the IP address can I track or Can I get the geological location of these fraudsters ??
When I get to know, immediately I contact the bank and block my card, but they told me the purchase was made by 3Dsecure pin and log in by same pin.
But I was not sharing anything that time to anyone. 
And when I go to police station they did not accept to file a complaint they said me go to cyber police station. 
Please tell me what to do.????
My dispute transaction was held in 26/10/2018.
Pleaae tell me how to track these fraudsters??? 

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

First and foremost, you've asked this question about 5 times now. You only need to ask once. We'll get to you, I promise. I've deleted the other duplicate questions.

I'm sorry to say, but you most likely won't be able to track them. Take the information you have to your credit card company, and to the police and let them resolve the situation. Most likely, they won't be able to track them either unless the money amount reaches a large enough figure for the credit card company to put enough resources into finding the crooks.

Smruti Ranjan Pathal replied 3 years ago

Thanx for Your Reply….
But how someone get the 3D SECURE PIN..???
And I don’t have any msg for OTP and same also for transaction message from the bank.. How is it possible???

Smruti Ranjan Pathal replied 3 years ago

Really sorry…
When I submit the question a msg was pop up that waiting for modify. So I thought may question is not reaching near you..

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Some hackers are very good at what they do and how they gather information. You could've used your card at a store and someone was watching your PIN. There are also devices called skimmers. These gather your card data while someone else watches for your PIN.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

The original implementation of 3D Secure (3DS, for short) was known to have flaws.  A lot of people were also unhappy that most banks used it to shift the burden of liability to the customer.  3DS has a 2.0 variation that seems more secure.  But it's only as secure as the PIN/password used when you register.
Way too many people use the same password and PIN on every service that asks for either one of those.  So, for example, if you use the same password for 3DS that you used for Yahoo (if you used Yahoo), then the criminals only needed to get your data from Yahoo.  And Yahoo has already admitted that every single one of their user accounts as of 2014 (I think it was) has been compromised.  Same idea for the PIN.  If you used the same PIN that you used in another service that was breached, then they have your identity, and that PIN.  And you can be pretty certain that they'll make the attempt.
There are even black market/dark Web services that are starting to integrate stolen identities into a single database.
I use a password manager (KeePass) to track my passwords and pins.  It's practically a requirement if you want to be as secure as possible.  And I use it to change my passwords and PIN's every month on services that permit it.
Make sure that you keep talking to your bank/credit card issuer about this until it gets resolved.

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