Constant changing Ip, I think?

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englishracing asked 3 years ago

I found this site to try to figure out what my IP address is, and to change it. When I go to the site, it gives me a different IP every time I refresh the page. That is on wild-blue satellite internet.I went to my neighbors, to try the website on wireless internet, and the website seems to work just fine. I always get the same IP address. Any ideas on my problem on the satellite internet?

I went to cmd, then ipconfig and it gives me the same IP address every time. Is this my public IP though? I'm not very technically advanced on this sort of stuff so any help and all will be appreciated, Thanks.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question englishracing.

WildBlue is a very different ISP. I don't know why they would need to change it so frequently but being satellite connected may be the reason. It may drop the connection after just a few seconds of idle time and then reconnect when you get active again. I suspect you are proxied through an earth based server somewhere.

The IP you get at cmd would be your internal IP address if your using a router or perhaps your external if your not.

How has WildBlue been for you? On another site, I get a LOT of complaints about them throttling you to a crawl if you reach a set bandwidth limit in any given month.

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