Connecting Multiple Computers To A Single Modem/Router

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IP Newbie asked 3 years ago

Brand: Westell
Model: 6100 Westell (G90-610014-20)
Type: wire modem/router (ethernet cable to computer ethernet card)
Other: No USB port (this model)

I am wondering if it might be possible to plug a 2nd computer (such as a laptop) into another phone outlet at the other end of my house and make a connection through the copper telephone wires to the modem/router together with the primary computer which currently plugs directly into the back of the modem/router.

This home modem/router has only the simple copper phone wire coming out that plugs into the phone wall outlet (ADSL connection to the internet) and the one ethernet cable that plugs into the ethernet card inside the computer. There are no other ports/plugs to connect. This model does not have the extra USB connection that is on other models.

This modem/router model shows that it detects and "assigns" an IP address to any "devices" that are connected to it. The primary computer normally gets assigned the typical IP address, although I can set it to anything from - This model of modem/router seems to have the software capability to connect multiple devices, but again it only has the one ethernet cable connection to the primary computer's internal ethernet card.

My main question is:
if there is a card/adapter in the 2nd computer that has a regular telephone wire port/plug to plug directly into the phone wall outlet on the other end of the house, would it be possible to make a connection to the one modem/router via the phone wires?

Basically I am asking if it would be possible to use all the different phone wire outlets in the house as a way to connect a network together using the one modem/router to connect two (or more) computers together and also to the internet through the modem/router?

I know it's possible to connect computers together using the old dialup 56k modems, but I have no knowledge of connecting ADSL like this or if there are any cards/hardware that allow for this to happen.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Short answer is no. You could, however, use dialup on one of those other phone jacks, but that would be a connection independent from the modem.

It is common to use wireless routers to share connections from a DSL modem, they can be had for around $50.

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