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I am new to this forum and i thought that maybe someone could help me a bit and answer my questions...

I connect to internet through PPPoE and i am assigned a new ip address every time i login with my username/password.

After connecting/reconnecting some times i came up with this conclusion: Lets say my ip it's of this form
On every connect the "yyy"(the penultimate, the last but one) changes between 5 numbers(ex: 112,113,78,79,85). The "zzz" is totally random changing from 0 to 255.
This would total up to 1275(255*5) unique ip addreses that i could have.
I really need alot of ips, more than 10.000.
If i could assign to the "yyy" a random number too, like from 0 to 255, than i would have 65025(255*255) unique ips to play with. I think this depends on soem settings (ranges) set by my isp, the gateway, router..dunno
I only have experience with proxies, but scanning and looking for working proxies it's very time consuming and i get lets say 1000 working ones per day, but if i scan the other day, most of them will repeat, or a large majority more than 60% say... + i got a phone from my isp, because i was scanning ip ranges and thought i was doing ddos attacks and it is risky and tiem consuming to look/scan/leech proxies all day, u understand me.... btw i also used some VPNs but same thing, cant find alot of proxies/ips, it costs too much, not worth it for what i need them...
So is there a way to randomize the "yyy' from 0 to 255 everytime i connect.I lean toward thinking it's very hard or maybe impossible , maybe u can shed some light here.

If this isn't possible i remember checking my ips on websites similar to that could detect proxies.
If i was using Elite(High Anonymous) proxies than no proxy would be detected. If using Anonymous proxies, the website would know i use proxy, but won't know my real ip. And last, if i would use a transparent proxy, it would detect it and it would also detect my real ip....
One day i was just verifying my proxy and instead of the obvious messages "you are using a proxy/you are using an anonymous proxy/you are not using a proxy", they did found my anonymous proxy, but i also saw a new messages "your local ip is". It was starting with 10.bla.bla.bla....
I saw this stickied thread here and thoght to ask.
I guess that the proxy was like some sort of a big network and it was allocating for it's clients ip addresses(local ip addreses), so the guy/company had only a few ips, but hundreds of thousands of local ips.
How could i set this up on my pc. I know that my real ip(my internet ip) will still be visible, but i would like to set up a random local ip address starting with 10.bla.bla.bla every time i connect, so i have a random local ip address,...

Thank you for your time spent reading this
All the best,

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question, worldwide. If I understand your question correctly, I don't think that we're the correct forum to ask this on.

I presume that "10.000" means ten thousand, based on what you're describing. Frankly, outside of a botnet, I doubt you can do that. Using all of the last two numbers (called octets) from 0-255 is 65536 IP addresses (minus a few used for administration of IP Addresses).

Each octet represents (basically) 256 possibilities. Do that 4 times, and you get 256 to the fourth power, about 4294967296 (again, minus a few for administration) addresses. For the entire world. All PC's, Internet routers, switches, etc, mobile phones, tablets, and so on. Everything that needs an IP Address. And remember, some of those addresses are reserved, unroutable. That reduces the availability even further.

Finding ten thousands IP's is not something that comes easy, or cheap, and it hasn't for quite some time.

Besides, this isn't exactly a "hacker" forum. This is aimed at people interested in learning about TCP/IP, and at network admins. White hats, basically.

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