Configuring Multiple Routers and APs on same compound

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Luxi asked 3 years ago

I have 3 D-Link and 2 Cisco configured via Linksys Router. To enable us tracking problems we have given names to SSID (ie. Block-A, Block-B, etc) two of them have DHCP enabled with range of IPs to broadcast. Now another Modem/Router is needed on the LAN; how do we configure this in the range of IP?

The first Router runs ie (
and some AP ( as starting DHCP)

I want to give the 2nd Router ( with its DHCP Enabled; could it be possible to have access to some of the printers on the first Router LAN?


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Luxi.

Is this network connected to the Internet?

I ask because the IP's you posted are public IP addresses and should not be used on a private network if there is Internet access. It can cause problems if someone on the network requests a website that has the same IP as a local computer.

The ranges for use in private networks should be limited to either a Class A, B or C network.

Class A = -
Class B = -
Class C = -

In most cases, depending on the size of the network, you would be best to use a single DHCP Server with properly placed Access Points for the necessary wireless access. If you use Routers, you can be limiting access between the isolated networks.

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