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DummyinIP asked 3 years ago

We have a Brother HL2170 wireless printer that was working just fine until our son decided to change our router to a static IP - don't ask why- he does stuff like that. Anyway, we've tried all kinds of troubleshooting and talked to Brother and still the printer and router are not communicating.:eek:

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Hmm... Other wireless devices (if any) are not affected? It sounds to me like something more was changed. If so, then it seems like more than just the printer would be affected. So, is the printer the only wireless device? If it is not, everything else is fine?

systemslave answered 3 years ago

It is very likely that the printer is set to a static IP. That would totally explain what you are observing. Did you use the BRadmin utility that shipped with your printer? You can pick up a copy from Brother on the web if you no longer have the disk. Here is a link specific to your printer:
You may have to cut and paste that together in your address bar.

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