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edknapp asked 3 years ago

Good Morning

Well yesterday one of our employees decided to move our accounting girl to anthor store and without
Any notice i get a call from the owner and he says
We have a problem with Toni's Internet on her computer so i said no problem with go the the
Post Oak store and take a look and get it going
then owner says okay let me know when it is fixed and by the way we moved Toni's Computer to the Lawndale store yesterday while you where on your day off!

So that’s how i come into play on the problem
i get to the store with the computer that has no internet now and i check internet explorer and the is no internet

looks like they installed her computer in new painted office and paint over the ethernet cable end
so i clean it up got connection from the router
when i connect it it says connected to unknown network
and connected at 100mb received and no packets sent 0 so what i have to do is get the ip address right
did this once about a year ago to simiare problem but slept since then?

Mostly i do software updates and spread sheet and Word sales letters basic computer tunes ups and virus clean up and malware removal going to figure this out for my employer so they do have to call Computer Company in

Any suggestion on where to start i did a CMD
and it gave a ip address didn’t know with some research if it was the computers ip address or the routers ip address

Ed Knapp

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

What Operating System are you working with?

At CMD did you do "ipconfig" or "ipconfig /all"?

What was the IP address?

What was the Gateway Address?

You said this is the accounting computer. How does the computer connect to the main office? VPN?

Are you sure the building has Internet access?

Does the computer have a static IP set or is it dynamic? If it's static, try setting it to dynamic.

You said it shows "Connected to an unknown network". Is there a Firewall that is reporting this?

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