Computer does not recognize network, IP address issue

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leysson lampard asked 2 years ago

My computer (OS: windows 8) is connected to a router via ethernet cable. 
Both lights on the router port and PC port are lit.
Other computers/ tablets are connected to internet via wireless access (working fine).
Tried several ethernet cables - consistent issue.
When the ethernet cable is plugged in to both ends, the computer does not prompt or detect new network.
Cannot find network when searched.
Has been resolved by former employee in past - apparently due to IP address setting under "manual".
Currently set to "automatic", but bogus IP address is given when "ipconfig /release" command prompt is entered.
Not connecting, run out of ideas why.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

It's unlikely, but possible that DHCP is disabled on the router. If it's disabled, you'll need to manually assign an IP address to the WIN8 machine.

If DHCP is enabled and the WIN8 isn't getting an IP, you can still try to manually assign an IP.

If you manually assign and IP/Subnet/Gateway and the WIN8 machine still won't connect to the network, your network card could be bad. However, I don't recall seeing a bad network card where the lights came on, so IMO, it's not likely the network card.

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