Cisco VPN client how to configure it to be used with SOHO routers

zillah asked 2 years ago


I have got different clients with different SOHO routers on sites (Netgear , Linksys, SnapGear,,,,etc)

All those clients use VPN IPSec .

As you know that those routers has many entries :

Tunnel name

key lifetime

Preshared Secret

Phase 1 proposal

Phase 2 Proposal ,,,,,etc

I am trying to familiarize myself to use different VPN clients (a piece of software ) , that will be installed on clients’ laptops to access their work network from home

I came across a problem with Cisco VPN client V5.0.06 I could not find all the above entries.

I know Cisco devices are proprietary, does that mean cisco vpn client is not compatible with those router ?


1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 2 years ago

IPsec is something I've yet to wrap my head around, but this wikipedia article should give you a start:

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