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thingok45 asked 3 years ago

I wish to change my public IP to one of two within my range. My IP resets when ever the modem is switched on and off however with tens of thousands of possible addresses this is unfeasible to do manually. Is there a way to automate changing the IP until it has one of the addresses, or maybe a way of manually setting it?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question thingok45.

I'm not aware of an automated way to change your external IP.

If you want to have a single IP, I would suggest not turning the modem off OR call your ISP and get a static IP. They may have an added monthly charge for the static IP. They may also have a "sticky" IP that is still assigned by their DHCP server but it will always assign the same IP as long as the MAC address of the modem doesn't change. The only way the MAC address of the modem will change is if you physically change the modem for a different one.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

What Schnerdly said. The IP's belong to the ISP (basically). They are theirs to manage. You can subscribe to a them for a particular IP, but it's not likely to be the exact IP you want. For one, ISP's reserve a certain set of IP address for DHCP, dynamic allocation, and then they have a different range for static allocation. If you want one that's just a couple off from what you've got already, it's not going to issue to you until you try during a time when it's not already leased to someone else and you connect before someone else leases it. Depending on how many IP's your ISP manages, that is not likely.

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