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S7eeL asked 3 years ago

Hey, ever since I formated my computer the last time the end of my ip has been changing everytime I rebooted my modem. Like 80.123.***.***. I used this as an advantage while watching movies from sites with limited watchtime, but yesterday it for some reason didn't change no matter how many times I rebooted my comp/modem. Anyone knows how to get the changing IP back?

2 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Is your computer connected directly to the modem or do you go through a router?

I doubt this is coincedence that your ISP started monitoring the IPs at the same time you formatted you computer.

S7eeL answered 3 years ago

Yeah those also used to work. I just checked my IRC loggs and found out that my IP has been changing every week its usually 88.115.***.*** or 88.113.***.***

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