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BouncingHitman asked 3 years ago

Who here plays Warcraft III The Frozen Throne on
I bet some of us do.
My question was how can I get unbanned? By changing my IP Address?
I see that they have banned my "WAN" IP Address, the one that displays on
How can I change that IP Address?

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question BouncingHitman.

There are a number of threads already here about how to change your external IP address. It depends on the internet connection you have and sometimes the ISP matters.

It is the general consensus of the Administrators and Moderators of this board that if someone has been banned from a website, they were probably banned for a reason. It is not our desire to help people sidestep the security controls of other sites. If your in a dispute with a website, contact them and work it out.

Your welcome to browse our forum to find your answer but you probably won't get any direct responses to you question.

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