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zgegeg123 asked 3 years ago

I got a static IP, I was wondering if I could change the IP by changing the lease time to 1 hour instead of the 24 hour.

It looks something like this:

I accidently deleted the subway on paint lol, so dont worry about that.

If I change this from 24 to 1 hour and pull out my modem/router for 1 hour, will I get assigned a new IP?

If not, how can I clone my MAC address, I know my current one, but I see the MAC word only once on my router/modem settings and it's under wireless.

It looks like this:

So please tell me what method I should use. When I called my ISP they wouldn't allow to change the IP, "we don't provide this service"


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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question!

That first screen shot is the IP of your router's internal interface, and the range of IPs and lease time the router assigns local networked devices, like your computer. Changing that lease time will only affect the IPs on the LAN, not your external (internet) IP.

Second screen shot is MAC filtering for wireless. That section is for wireless security, not changing your external IP. If you put a MAC in there, only the device with that MAC can use your wireless connection, you can usually add multiple MACs for that.

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