Changing IP "BLOCK" (aka. going into different server)

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bananaman asked 3 years ago


I am on Bell Sympatico's DSL line and able to change IP without issues (simply by reconnecting/connecting).

I connect to internet via Linksys WRT310N router. I usually get IP address thats start with etc.

I am wondering if there is any way i can force my ISP to think that i m a new client and switch me to a different server, where i might get IP like

I know Sympatico owns or such IP address because I used to have it. I dont know why it suddenly became, which is banned from a lot of places that I normally visit.

I've tried changing my IPs thousand of times hoping to get a different block of IP address but no luck. I even tried changing service plan etc.

Please advise. I am open to any suggestions. Much appreciated. Thanks a million.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

There could be a couple of reasons as to why you can no longer get a 69.x.x.x address. Sympatico may offer business accounts and knowing that their 72.29.x.x block is banned from a lot of places have reserved all of the 69.x.x.x addresses for businesses.

Or it could be they have recently started providing service in another area and gave the new area the 69.x.x.x addresses. Seems like if that were the case though they would've given them the 72.29.x.x that's probably not the situation.

Do they offer web hosting, mail hosting, etc.? Any online services like these need to come from and stay on clean IPs. Perhaps they've reserved the 69.x.x.x IPs for this situation.

What I find most odd about this situation is that you're coming to us from an IP that's based in Hong Kong and starts with neither 72.29 nor 69. As a matter of fact, the entire block of IPs you're on is allocated to a provider in Hong Kong and that provider is not Sympatico.

Are you a spammer hoping to get away with 1 post thinking the rest won't have to be moderated?

You're not dealing with newbies here. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for a couple of days to give you time to respond. As with any new forum user, your posts will be moderated before showing up to the public or search engines.

I suppose there's a slight chance you're coming to us through a proxy based in Hong Kong on that block of IPs.

If I'm wrong, I apologize.

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