Changing IP Address

kodz123 asked 3 years ago


I am having problems changing my IP address. I have Time Warner Cable with a modem but no router (ethernet cable) and no wireless internet. The modem is Arris TM602G. I have tried the steps listed on the whatismyip website as well as the /release and /renew commands and unplugging/rebooting the modem but these have all failed, giving me the same IP address. I contacted Time Warner support a couple times but they didnt really help, but I learned that I have DHCP and the lease is 12 hours if this helps. Could anyone help me change my IP?

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

If you can figure out how to change your MAC address, that should do it. You'll need to power cycle the modem after changing the MAC, though.

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