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tmsimpson asked 3 years ago

So here's my situation. I run a TeamSpeak 3 server from my computer which my friends from an online game can join and we chat on it. Someone from another group on this game entered the TeamSpeak while I was changing some settings, was able to obtain my external IP (which the server is hosted on) and has been using some kind of attack to knock my internet off for about a minute at a time. This, of course, causes everyone to get kicked out of the TeamSpeak server and also prevents me from doing anything on the internet for that minute.

I thought the answer was simple enough. I'd just change my IP address. So I used ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew in the cmd. This assigned me a new internal IP, but my "internet IP" address did not change. I spoke with my ISP and the tech guy told me unplugging my router would also change my IP address. And it did...just not my internet/external IP.

My next step was to go to my router settings. I have a Linksys E2000 router. So I open up the interface, changed the Internet Connect Type from Automatic Configuration -DHCP to Static IP then manually changed my internet IP to end in .21 instead of .20. Doing this, immediately caused my wireless to stop working. The status showed connected but I was getting the message "No internet access". But, the internet was still working when I hooked up to the ethernet cable. Now being without wireless is not an option and I don't really understand what is happening.

I'm sorry if I'm not being clear or used the wrong terminology. I really only have a very, very basic understanding of IP addresses.

So basically my question there some other way to change my internet IP? Or is there some specific setting that I'm missing that causing my wireless to go down?

If I can't find the answer, my next step will be to call my ISP again and see if they can change it on their end. I was just hoping to get a fix before Monday. It's really no fun getting knocked offline whenever this guy sees fit. =(

Any help is very much appreciated.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question tmsimpson.

The ipconfig /release/renew that you ran only pertains to your internal IP. That will not affect the external IP at all.

Unplugging the Modem for a while may get you a new IP depending on your ISP.

Are you on Cable Internet or DSL??

As far as someone having your external IP, that wouldn't matter. All of the users will need to know that to connect anyway. You need to secure your TeamSpeak server. Even if your using a domain name to connect to the server, that still translates to your IP so the server can be located.

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