change my ip throw router

mor_adato asked 3 years ago


I am writing a program in C#,
the program needs to change my ip adress,
what I need to do in order to succeed ?
I have router with adsl connectino and my operating system is windows Vist.

thank you

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

First and foremost, you need to understand that you do *not* control your IP Address. Not the public one, the one we at WIMI see when you use our tool to see your IP Address. That's assigned by your Internet provider. There are methods and utilities that can sort of "convince" the provider to assign you a new one, but some of them tie that IP to (for example) your DSL modem.

The one that your PC gets from your router is something more under your control. But, again, there is a kind of server built into the router to control and manage IP addresses if you have it assigning those addresses.

I don't doubt that a C# program can be written to give the router a command (basically) to reassign your LAN IP and then have your PC run an IPCONFIG routine to release and renew. Or the program can simply choose a new internal IP for your PC if the router isn't automatically assigning them. You could run into address conflicts if you assign one manually and the router is also assigning automatically, although this is fairly unlikely on small LAN's.

Such a program *can* work. But there are some variables that are not under your control.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

On a separate note, please don't post a question multiple times. We moderators will happily move a thread to a more appropriate area if it fits better. But posting it over and over, known as multi-posting, is considered rude, and it can actually make it LESS likely, not more, to be answered.

I've deleted the other thread.

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