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ashir waseem asked 3 years ago

I was set up and suspended on a blog. I want to back on, however the adminstrator knows my IP Address. How do I change it.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Basically, that's up to your ISP. Depending on your setup at home, you're either on a LAN connecting to the Internet through a router, or you're connecting directly to your ISP with that PC. In both cases, you're presenting a public IP Address to the Internet that is being issued to you by your ISP.

You MIGHT see that IP Address change if you reboot the router of your LAN or the PC that's directly connected to the Internet. If you call into your ISP's technical support, you might be able to get them to change it, in which case you'd still need to reset your Internet connection, and the reboot option above is the easiest way to do that.

NOTE: ISP's generally aren't interested in giving you a new IP every time you get in trouble with a blog, game server, Web site, whatever. And they're not really going to care whether the other side is fair or not. ISP's have a limited bunch of IP Addresses available, and trying to do something like this for each customer would get to be a huge burden very fast. If a site doesn't want you, you might be better off, in the long, honoring that wish.

Your call.

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