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Malanthor asked 3 years ago

Hallo. I am using broadband provided by my landlord who lives on the floor above me. He has a router which allows me to connect to the internet ehrr threadless/no cord? (whatever its real name is im sure you get my drift :)) pardon my english but technical translations come hard to me.
I am guessing that since the company providing the internet he is paying for have no clue who is connecting to the network (everyone within a certain radius can access it) i should be able to forcibly change my IP with them having no chanse to take permanent action against it? if they do shut it down i just change it again and again?
I tried that other tips but seeing i dont got direct access to the router its kinda hard i need to be able to do it directly from my computer.

Any ideas as to how i should proceed?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

There shouldn't be any problems running multiple computers from one access point. How does the company who is providing the service know that everyone connected to his connection is not his computer. It would be tough for them to shut off the connection because they think too many people are connected. How many people do you think are connected? And if you change the IP, they'll still be able to see that the connection is from the same device because of the MAC address.

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