** Change a UN/PW after the original setup? **

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Router Security** Change a UN/PW after the original setup? **
thelonepunman asked 4 years ago

I have three WLANs setup at work for various internal networks that aren't suppose to see each other for various reasons.

I would like to certain "refresh" the wireless units with a new UN/PW due to "personel changes" (firings) at the facility, depending on what network the DB had permission to be on...and incase "said DB" managed to get the UN/PW of the others...

Is it possible to change these items? I should hope so...otherwise, we'll be needing to purchase new units everytime some DB has to get fired...

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

I would consider using MAC address security if I were you. Then if their MAC address isn't allowed, it doesn't matter what the username/password are at that point. Only the devices that access the LAN via wireless would need to have their macs entered in to the router.

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