cant view my dvr camera over the net

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mrmacca asked 3 years ago

new to forum , so firstly hello to all ,
i have a swann dvr4 securanet dvr , i currently have 1 camera setup on it , i have configured it so i can see it on my own pc , using pv viewer d6 series , but i cannot get to view it from another pc , if i type the ip address in the browser i get taken to a page called net viewer d6 series web-program but it is just a blank screen , i have pinged my dvr and everything is fine , any other suggestions is much appreciated , using a windows 7 system .

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, mrmacca, and welcome!

About your issue, first and foremost, I think, is to make sure that you have all the necessary codecs installed.

You mention using a program on the one PC that works, and a Web address on the others. Video is encoded into bits and bytes using these things called codecs. Motion JPEG is a form of video with a codec. So is MPEG4, and DIVX. And so on.

I took a few minutes to look over [url=]Swann's Web site[/url], but could not locate information on the appropriate codecs. You may need to contact their tech support to look this over.

What version of Windows (XP Home? 7 Professional?) are we talking about. I saw that you said a "Windows 7 system", but what exact version? I know that 7 Professional doesn't always install all of these codecs that (potentially) come with Windows.

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