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ElementGamer asked 4 years ago


I got PlayStation 4 last month and I have a problem - I have a router TP-LINK TL-WR542G (no DD-WRT) and I plugged Ethernet cable into the PS4. Everything is working fine, download and upload speed is average (faster than Wi-Fi), but there's one major problem here. And that's NAT TYPE 3 - STRICT. I Googled literally for hours, tried EVERY solution possible (Port Forwarding, DMZ, UPnP, Wi-Fi and wired connect,... everything!) and I still can't get rid of it. Even on PC in every game I have Strict NAT. I realized that I don't have PUBLIC IP (I've got Private) and some people told me that I can't do anything without public IP. I tried to call my ISP and they said that unfortunately they don't offer public IPs and there's no another ISP in my local area. I am REALLY frustrated, because voice chat, Share Play, online games etc. don't work properly and I want to play with my friends.

I've read some articles and I know about VPN connections. Not that it's secured and nobody can see what am I doing, but I will get even Public IP (as one of the personnel told me) and MAYBE it might help me with this. Is there ANY other solution? To be honest, I've tried really everything. I am living in Czech Republic and my ISP isn't bad, just doesn't offer this option. Will VPN help me? Is there any way to get rid of this? I've read almost every thread, every article, every solution and saw every video about NAT Types and how to improve it. I spent hours configuring and playing with my router's settings, nothing.

Here are ports I need to be opened to use my PS4 voice chat, all functions etc.: TCP - 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480
UDP - 3478-3479

How do you see it? Is it somehow possible?

Thanks for help and I hope there's someone who can save me a headache and sleepless nights. See you and I am looking forward to any reasonable answer!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi ElementGamer,
Thanks for your question and thanks for the question.
I did some Googling as I was not familiar with the reasoning behind your question regarding PS4.
When you go to our homepage ( you should see your IP. From what I can see, it starts with 178.nnn.nnn.nnn. This appears to be a normal IP address. Does our homepage show an IP that's different than the 178 address I mention above? Also, do we show a proxy being detected?
If you've tried everything you've found to try and nothing works, the best option is probably going to be the VPN as you mention. I would find one that offers either a monthly option or a trial period just to make sure it's going to work for you. Keep in mind when searching for a VPN, some are faster than others and will offer a better experience. You get what you pay for. We have a relationship with VyprVPN and know that their product is very solid. We have relationships with other VPN providers as well so if Vypr doesn't work, let me know.

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