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mcnally asked 3 years ago

Hi, recently my internet connection has fail to work on my desktop computer but when I connect the connection onto my laptop it runs fine. I've established that it's not the NIC but I don't know if it is corrupted or not. When I run cmd and type "ipconfig" it says there's an internal error. Bascially I can't get an IP address on my desktop but I can on my laptop so I'm confused. To my knowledge I haven't change drivers or updated anything on my computer since the internet stopped working. So, any suggestions or fixes would be widely appreciated.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

On your desktop go to a command window and ping

If you don't get a reply, TCP/IP needs to be reinstalled.

If you do get a reply, make sure TCP/IP is set to DHCP and no IP is hard coded.

If you do an ipconfig /all do you get a 169.x.x.x address? If so, that's a fake IP. Windows machines assign themselves a 169 address when they can't reach the DHCP server.

If your router is the one doing the IP assigning, make sure DHCP is enabled with more than 1 IP address open for assignment. In other words, if you're only letting your router assign 1 IP and your laptop got it, then your desktop can't get an IP. Or, if your wireless router is set to assign 5 IPs and your laptop has 1 and your sneaky neighbors have the other 4, then your desktop can't get an IP.

Is the desktop wired to the router?

Make sure the cables are plugged in and you get lights on the NIC and the router.

Test using a different cable.

If none of these things work, let us know and we'll see what else we can think of.

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